“Importance of Three P – People, Process and Product”

Biggest strength of any Real Estate Organization is how trustworthy the people behind it. In any consumer driven economy three P are most important. People, Process and Product. The People behind any ideology are very vital and everything else depend on the character, thoughts, values and ethics they carry with them. The process followed by people depend on the people and hence output or the product depend on the process.

In Gujarat when we analyze the real estate as a business category, we mainly have observed that the people behind the project are not the real  people who own the project or who propose the project. When people are not the real one, the process cannot be transparent or systematic. Hence the output may be inferior then what is committed or advertised. These are the main factors disturbing the real estate business to the most. These factors also leave big impact on the established builders with the proven track record. They have to prove their quality output time and again.

Since the emergence of digital media and many online companies marketing real estate projects portray maximum details of the projects with competitive analysis, it has become easier to genuine companies to form the two way communication with the real buyers. We also have experienced since we have been onto digital platform, we are able to communicate efficiently about the real progress of the project and the customers of the project can measure  the construction and audit it with the possession date committed. This tools enable us as the progressive real estate company to establish ourselves as the genuine and trustworthy organization who is known to keep their promise to deliver the possession on time or before time.

We have experienced the customer delight when they receive the possession before the actual time of possession given at the time of buying property. They feel so amazed for many reasons, the biggest is they can start their plans before the schedule which save their lots of precious days and months and it help saving lots of money on their account. Roongta Shopping Center is one such project in the history of Surat Real Estate Business arena to make it happen. In our current Luxury Apartments Project in the name of “The Laurels” in Vesu area of Surat is also progressing at the same pace as planned.

Keeping our commitments have helped gaining  the trust for the people behind the projects of Roongta Builders & Developers. This has made the process to deliver the product or output that is completely matching with the criteria committed. We believe that People behind the organization matter most. The values and ethics they carry matter most.

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