Real Estate is a Passion.


Real Estate, the word itself suggest that the estate which exist in real. Since ages the land and immovable property is the center of attraction in the life of every human being across the globe. It is said in India that the precious metal, the precious land and women are three main causes of most clashes whether inside the family or in the exterior world. In India the land is more precious as looking to the abnormal increase in population. In the near future the land crises are expected in India for sure. Along with the land scarcity, the housing sector growth is also very vital and the urban housing and rural housing will see immense growth in the coming years. We as an Infrastructure development organisation are already prepared for the tremendous future and the challenges to address while going through the urbanisation process with rural sector emerge as the new buying power.

The rural sector buying power is helping the growth and expansion of the local infrastructure. The cities are getting converted into mega cities and metro cities. Let’s see the growth of Surat city in last one decade in terms of population, industry, business and infrastructure. These changes have dramatically changed the lifestyle of the Surtis. Right from eating and clothing, the style of interiors in home and building construction has also changed. The Surat have started looking for world-class amenities and world standard building construction for which the cost does not matter much but the value propositions in demand for sure.

The Developers have equipped themselves with the well advanced skills and knowledge assets to meet the expectation of well versed consumer of 2014 Surat. We, Roongta Builders and Developers too are focusing purely and completely on the value delivery expected by the today’s consumer.

We have been active in Infrastructure completed one Shopping Arcade which is now a landmark in the posh locality of Vesu in Surat. Our new residential project is expected to be the Luxury Icon in the same posh area. Since Surat accepts new experiments and latest styles and designs, we are very keen to come up with a series of Luxury Living Constructions in the years to come.

With this first blogpost from our end, we are going to be in continuous dialogue and will take the series of blogs to understand the nitty-gritty of the Infrastructure development in Surat, India and world over.

anil roongta
Anil Roongta

The author is in Building Construction, Real Estate and Stock Broking Business since two decades.